The town of Viborg

The town of Viborg

Viborg is the area in Denmark most Danes associate with the Ancient Road. Discover the historic town of Viborg and its legendary connections with the Ancient Road.

Viborg historic centre

Viborg’s medieval town centre is home to churches, ancient monasteries, authentic heritage settings, a medieval royal castle, museums and collections as well as contemporary living with boutique shopping and cafés.

Some of the highlights:

Viborg's town centre offers a treasure trove of heritage experiences, not least for those travelling along the Ancient Road. Viborg is the starting point for the annual hiking events Hærvejsmarchen and Hærvejsvandringen, including those hosted by the local Viborg Pilgrim Centre.

Viborg was an important seat of power for centuries and among the local attractions are the local ‘Bridge of Sighs’ (a passageway at the old courthouse), the royal monument and the monument of the ‘Code of Jutland’, which was a civil code from the thirteenth century whose preface was penned by the bishop of Viborg.

Viborg Cathedral

Viborg Cathedral is an obvious starting point and goal for tours along the Ancient Road. As is Stænderpladsen, a square just north of the cathedral where Danish kings were once elected and hailed by their subjects. The town is, indeed, a welcoming place for visitors seeking a historic setting.
Finally, Viborg was historically a traffic hub. The roads leading from north, east and west once met in Viborg, and from here wayfarers could follow the Ancient Road to the south – and on into Europe.

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Round Viborg by bike

Viborg rundt på cykel