Hærvejen gennem Jyske Aas
Hærvejen ved Gudenaaen
Photo:Niels Fabæk&Udvikling Hærvejen

Experience The Ancient Road

The Ancient Road consists of a few hundred kilometres of hiking and cycling trails that reach from the north to the south of Jutland.

Along the way the route leads you very closely past everything one could wish for in the Danish countryside: the sea, the coastline, the heath, the forests and the open landscape as well as some of the most interesting locations of Denmark’s history.

We have put together all the information we think you might need: a description of the particular trails, attractions along the trail as well as maps.

You can find information about accommodation and restaurants along the way in our interactive map.

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On our interactive map you will find information on where to sleep and eat along The ancient road Hærvejen. On our printed map and in our app you will also find the information you need to find your way out there or plan your trip in advance.

EuroVelo 3 - Pilgrims Route Europa støtter Hærvejen


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