Find vej på kort i Hammer Bakker

Find your way on the The Ancient Road

Photo: Niels Fabech


We have gathered here what you need to find your way out there on The Ancient Road. Our printed map as a pdf, an introduction to our app and a link to our interactive map where you can search for places to eat and sleep along the way.

Find your way on the The Ancient Road

We have divided Hærvejen into five parts of the country: Northwest and Northeast Jutland, Himmerland, Central Jutland and South Jutland.

In Hærvejen's app, you will also find maps of the entire route, which you can follow. You will also find information about services and accommodation for planning your trip.

On Hærvejen's digital map you will find information about accommodation and services along the route.

Maps | Nordvestjylland

Detailed maps of The Ancient Road: Hirtshals og Løgstør.

Maps| Nordøstjylland

Detaljerede kort over Hærvejen mellem Frederikshavn og Aalborg

Maps | Himmerland

Detailed maps of The Ancient Road: Løgstør | Viborg and Aalborg - Viborg

Maps | Midtjylland

Detailed maps of The Ancient Road: Viborg and Jelling.

Maps| Sydjylland

Detailed hiking maps of The Ancient Road: Jelling - Padborg

Buy our set of maps 'Hærvejen - a guide for ramblers and cyclists' at bookstores on the Internet.

The Ancient Road app

The Ancient Road app


The interactive map of the The Ancient Road