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We would like to help you plan your trip

The Ancient Road is calling, and you want to start your trip soon. On this page we want to give you information that makes planning your trip easier. In our interactive map you can find information about accommodation, restaurants and attractions along your journey. You have online access to the map, so that you can prepare your route. If you prefer using your smartphone, you can download our app from the App Store or Google Play.

Let us show you where you can buy the sets of maps here. You will also find advice about luggage and a few travel reports written by others who have been on The Ancient Road. In most of the churches you are also welcome to take a well-earned break, refill your water and use the toilet.

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Prepare for your trip

Here we have gathered tips for you on how to best prepare for a good trip. In addition, we have received two travel diaries from families who have already left. They have also shared their packing lists with us.

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