Hærvejen ved Gudenaaen
På cykeltur på Hærvejen

Discover The Ancient Road by bike

The Ancient Road consists of a few hundred kilometres of cycling trails that stretch through Jutland like a backbone. In other words: There is the opportunity to experience the entire range of the Danish landscapes and nature from north to south. With that many kilometres of trails to choose from, it may be hard to decide.

We have put the routes on this page into geographical order to make choosing the destination for your next cycling trip easier for you. In the trail descriptions you will find information about the landscape, the history and the attractions. In our interactive map you will find information about restaurants and accommodation.

På hærvejene har man i århundreder færdedes, når man skulle forlade hjemstavnen med ærinder i fremmede egne. Hærvejenes historier spreder sig ud sammen med de mange hjul og fødder, klove og hove, der var med til at forme deres spor. For Hærvejene var ikke kun en vej men mange veje.

Restaurants | Accommodation | Find your way

In the interactive map of The Ancient Road there is information about accommodation and restaurants along the way. In our printed map and in our app, you can find all the information you need to find the correct path 
or to prepare your route beforehand. 


In the interactive map of the The Ancient Road you can find information about restaurants, accommodation and attractions along the section you want to...

Hostels on the Ancient Road

The Ancient Road between Viborg and Padborg offers a rather unique type of accommodation: The Ancient Road Hostels.

Does half-board, accommo-dation and luggage transfer sound like a great offer? Take a look at our ”booking” page at the top

Find your way on the The Ancient Road

We have gathered here what you need to find your way out there on The Ancient Road. Our printed map as a pdf, an introduction to our app and a link to...