Bølling Sø

Bølling Sø

Bølling Sø is a lake where past and present meet. The new lake has been created as a conservation initiative and nature restoration plan for the large meadow and marsh area in the river valley of Funder Ådal – and the 360-hectare expanse of water is a true paradise for birds and fish.

The formation of Bølling Sø

Originally, the glaciers of the Ice Age had created a small lake in the area, but following the loss of national territory to Prussia in 1864, the Danes decided to win more land by, among other things, reclaiming the lake. In the 1870s, the lake was drained and turned into grassland that was also used for peat digging.
Over the following century, the peat industry excavated most of the peat although a little of the former raised bog protrudes by the northern end of the lake, so here you can walk on the old bog surface.

Klosterlund Culture

Bølling Sø is especially known as the location of one of the nation’s oldest hunter-gatherer cultures, which through millennia built settlements by this swampy meadow. This local indigenous culture is known as the Klosterlund Culture.
Marked trails, viewpoints, picnic shelters and info boards allow visitors to easily experience the area's nature and rich cultural history. Moreover, angling is allowed west of the high-voltage pylon. And you can also bathe in the lake around the same area.

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