Frendrup Nihøje

Hiking stages on The Ancient Road in Himmerland

Photo: Jens Kirkeby

We have worked out some suggestions for potential one-day sections. Of course, you don’t have to strictly follow the suggestions, but take a look and find inspiration for your own routes. And remember: You can hike The Ancient Road from north to south as well as from south to north. 

In Himmerland we are happy that we can offer two hiking routes. The Ancient Roads splits north of Aars into a northeastern route towards Aalborg and Frederikshavn, and a northwestern route towards Løgstør and Hirtshals. Now it´s your turn to choose the hiking route you prefer.

Hiking Stage Hammer Bakker - Svenstrup

Ochsenweg Hammer Bakker-Svenstrup (31 km)

Hiking Stage Svenstrup-Aars

The Ancient Road Svenstrup-Aars (35 km)

The Ancient Road hiking route from Løgstør via Aars to Viborg:

Hiking Stage Løgstør - Aars (27 km)

The Ancient Road Løgstør - Aars

Hiking Stage Aars-Borup Hede (26 km)

The Ancient Road Aars-Borup Hede

Hiking Stage Borup Hede-Viborg (33 km)

The Ancient Road Borup Hede-Viborg