Vikingetidsgravene ved lindholm Høje

Hiking Stage Hammer Bakker - Svenstrup (31 km)

Photo: Hærvejen

On the stretch between Hammer Bakker and Svenstrup, the Hærvejs route runs along the beautiful Limfjord and through Aalborg. The route through the city offers beautiful architecture along Aalborg's newly renovated waterfront, beautiful old neighborhoods and the city's green parks.

Lindholm high
A few kilometers north of Nørresundby is one of the area's historical attractions, Lindholm Høje, which is a Viking burial ground. Here, 682 burial sites from the Germanic Iron Age and from the Viking Age have been found. The North Jutland climate has preserved the old burial ground, so visitors can get an impression of what the area looked like in the Viking Age.

The Franciscan Brothers monastery
Hærvejen's walking route goes through Vesterbro, which is the busy street that leads over the Limfjord bridge. Just a few blocks away is the busy pedestrian street, Algade, where you will find a wide range of shops. If you take the elevator down under the crowds of the pedestrian street, however, you will find the The Franciscan Brothers Museum, where visitors can get an insight into the city's past. The underground museum houses parts of the medieval The Franciscan Brothers Monastery as well as skeletons and finds from the Viking Age.

The hiking route goes through the beautiful Møllepark, which is so high that there is a good view of the Limfjord. Close to Mølleparken is one of Aalborg's biggest attractions; Aalborg Zoo, which in 1999 became the world's first environmentally certified zoo. In the garden there is a luxurious predator facility where guests can meet lions and tigers and a large polar bear facility where the garden's popular polar bears live. The garden also has a large savannah with giraffes, ostriches and zebras and an African village where there are seasonal activities.

Aalborg Tower
Aalborg Tower is located like Aalborg Zoo close to Mølleparken and is probably the city's most famous landmark. The tower, which also houses a small bistro, rises 105 meters above sea level and from here you get a fantastic overview of the city, the fjord and North Jutland. The tower was erected in connection with a trade exhibition in 1933 and was subsequently to be demolished. However, it turned out to be very expensive to tear down the tower, so Det Broderlige Skydeselskab bought it for only DKK 5,000 and has since run it.

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