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Hiking Stage Aars-Borup Hede (26 km)

Photo: Hærvejen MH

Experience the diverse and beautiful nature and cities of Vesthimmerland in a new way by travelling on the Hærvej.

In the centre of Himmerland, you find Aars, a commercial town with lots to offer when it comes to nature and town life. The history of Aars is as old as it is exiting. The brave Cimbri resided in the area about 2000 years ago which is why people from Himmerland are also known as Cimbri. Experience the history of Aars at Vesthimmerland’s Museum that houses more than 12,000 years of archaeology and cultural history. At the museum, you can, for example, see a copy of the Vessel of Gundestrup found in a bog near the Fort of Borremose.

The Danish Present-day Museum in Aars is run by volunteers and houses one of the largest collections in Denmark of everyday objects from the 20th century. The squares in Aars are a lovely sight beautifully decorated with artworks created by international artists such as Per Kirkeby, Kirsten Ortwed and Poul Gernes. Built between 1200 and 1250, Aars Church is a typical Romanesque granite church, and inside the church, you can find a beautiful blue slate memorial from 1651. Enjoy a walk along the Planet Track and try to grasp the magnitude of our solar system. If you have some time to spare in Aars, you can rent bicycles at Aars Tourist Information and explore one of the many bike trails in the area.

Aalestrup is a relatively young commercial town that was founded in the 1890s with the arrival of the railway in Vesthimmerland. Enjoy a quiet walk on the main street and maybe visit the Bicycle Museum that shows the history of the bike going all the way back to the first wooden bicycles. Besides the exhibition, the museum also hires out bicycles for trips on the Hærvej or in the surrounding area. Aalestrup Church is also worth a visit and by the entrance you find a burial site sandstone monument from WWII. Aalestrup is also home to the Jydske Rosenpark that houses more than 200 different species of beautiful, colourful and fragrant roses.

Located about 3 km from Aalestrup, Testrup Church is an exiting and historical site especially for pilgrims because of the hospital chapel that existed up until 1748. Around Testrup Church, you can still se the ruins from the chapel. Further toward Aars, the Hærvej crosses Lerkenfeld Stream which is a shallow stream with gravel and stone bars.

Like many other market towns, Møldrup is a young town. It was established in 1893, shortly after the railroad between Løgstør and Viborg was finished. Today, Møldrup is a typical market town with no station, but with an inn, a bakery, a grocer, a pizzeria and a gas station. In what was the station area there is a lunch house with tables and benches and an outdoor barbecue. There is access to a bathroom next to the old station building. Møldrup has bus services to Viborg and Aalestrup.


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