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Use our printed map 'Hærvejen A guide for ramblers and cyclists' to find your way out there or to plan your trip in advance. You can download a low resolution version of this on this page.

The map is not good in print, instead buy the maps at bookstores on the Internet.

Maps to the stages on the western route Løgstør-Viborg
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Map 2B

Section: Løgstør-Aars (continues on map 3A)

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Map where The ancient roads meets from Løgstør and Aalborg
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Map 3A

Hiking stage: Løgstør-Aars

pdf / 13.5 MB

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Map 3B

Hiking stage: Løgstør-Aars Hiking stage: Aars-Borup Hede Hiking stage: Borup Hede-Viborg Fro Aalborg, the eastern route Hiking stage: Svenstrup-Aars

pdf / 6.54 MB

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Map 5A

From Aalborg to Aars og Viborg: Hiking stage: Hammer Bakker-Svenstrup (continues at map 5B)

pdf / 12.2 MB

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Map 5B

(continued from map 5A) Hiking stage: Hammer Bakker-Svenstrup Hiking stage: Svenstrup-Aars ( The hiking stage continues at map 3A)

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The biking route from Hobro til Viborg
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Map 6B

Cycling stage: Svenstrup-Arden Cycling stage: Arden-Hvornum Cycling stage: Hvornum-Viborg

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