Hammer Bakker

Hiking stages on The Ancient Road in Northeast Jutland

Photo: Niels Fabech

We have worked out some suggestions for potential one-day stages. Of course, you don’t have to strictly follow the suggestions, but take a look and find inspiration for your own routes. And remember: You can hike The Ancient Road from north to south as well as from south to north. 

hiking stages on The Ancient Road in Northwest Jutland

Hiking stage Frederikshavn - Hørbylund (21 km)

The Ancient Road Frederikshavn-Hørbylunde

Hiking Stage Hørbylund-Jyske Aas (18 km)

The Ancient Road Hørbylund-Jyske Aas

Hiking Stage Jyske Aas-Hammer Bakker

The Ancient Road Jyske Aas-Hammer Bakker (30 km)

Hiking Stage Hammer Bakker - Svenstrup

Ochsenweg Hammer Bakker-Svenstrup (31 km)