Hald Sø med ruin

Discover Middle Jutland from The Ancient Road cycle route

Not too long ago, Viborg was a capital which united trails from near and far. This is where the Cathedral of Viborg could be found, this is where kings were crowned and this is where the Landsting, a former part of the Danish parliament, was located.

Viborg is full of history, cosy atmosphere and, last but not least, The Ancient Road and its history can be noticed in many places around the city.

After leaving Viborg you cycle along the lake Hald Sø and past the lush nature reserve Dollerup Bakker. Hikers and cyclists are more than welcome at the Skelhøje Købmandsgård, a social business including a café and a gallery. You can also visit the lowland of Skeldalen, where the ice once left deep furrows. These form a scenic contrast compared to the heathland of Alheden and the flattest part of Middle Jutland.

Along the route you cycle through Thorning and Kragelund, where you can find Hærvejen lodges. In addition, you get to discover historic sites such as Grathe Hede, where a great battle took place once upon a time. If you want to go on a little detour, you can visit lake Nipgård or the larger lake Bølling Sø further south. The Ancient Road then leads on to beautiful plantations of trees and marshland near Hørbylunde, Palsgård and Vrads.

The watercourse Gudenaa’s source is placed in the nature reserve Tinnet Krat and by the lake Bølling Sø. This also forms a section of The Ancient Road which is under conservation. South of the places Nørre Snede and Givskud you get to Jelling, a town with two megalithic tombs. You will also encounter two historically significant rune stones, of which one is called Denmark’s ”certificate of baptism”. It was erected by King Harald Blåtand to honour his parents Gorm and Thyra.


Attractions along The Ancient Road cycling trail Viborg-Jelling