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Udsigt i Svinkløv Plantage

Hiking Stage Tranum-Fjerritslev (21 km)

Photo: Jens Kirkeby

This hikingstage follows Lien - Denmark's longest inland slope - from which there are beautiful views of the coastal plain and the whole Jammerbugten from Bulbjerg in the west to Rubjerg Knude to the northeast. The stage is predominantly on nature trails in hilly terrain.


In Tranum is a grocery store and a campground. A shelter is located in Langdal Plantation on the route of the road near the fenced  forest for dogs. In the vicinity of Tranum facing Tranum Beach is a hotel which offers accommodation and also serves as a hostel for hikers on The Ancient Road.

Langdal Plantation is located right up Tranum, where a frequent visit to the natural playground with toilets. The plantation is located on a moraine hill, where the plantation to the north is bounded by the old coastal slope Lien, which rises up to 66 m above sea level. The plantation has the status of especially protected forest.


Fosdalen is one of Hanherred's most famous sites. Fosdalen is experienced as a rainforest with a lush plant life.

 Fosdalen is created as a result of the erosion of the rainwater in the old coastal slope. The water is still eroding the slope, where a small stream springs from a well at the top of the valley. Until the end of the 16th century, the well was visited by many sick people on Mary Annunciation on September 8 because of its healing water. As with so many other sacred sources, there was also a market here. In time, it became so merry that the bishop at Børglum ended up banning the market as the parish priest repeatedly complained about the behavior of the visitors. For no market without dancing, drinking and fighting.

Fosdalen Nature Center is located below Fosdalen at the junction Fosdalvej / West Coast Road. There is a permanent exhibition on the landscape history locally based on change. There is access to the toilet.

After Fosdalen, the route goes up a steep slope again to the upper side of Lien for new beautiful views, and among the burial mounds is the opening down to Nøddedalen, which enchants with crooked branches, rich and moist meadows below Lien.


Slettestrand is a recreational area of ​​beautiful and varied nature and a wide car-free sandy beach sheltered by low dunes. Slettestrand offers many accommodation and dining options.


At Slettestrand lies Svinkløv Plantage, which offers one of Denmark's best mountain bike trails. The trail is separate from the hiking trail, but you may be lucky to see some sweaty types with technically savvy throw their bike through the countryside. Bicycles can be rented in Slettestrand if you want to replace the hiking boots with a bicycle.

The road route also runs through Svinkløv Plantation and among other things past Saint Olav well which is halfway up a steep hillside. The fountain was a sacred well, dedicated to Sct. Olav - Norway's patron saint. Like other sacred wells the source was visited by sufferers who hoped for healing. In particular, the spring water should have special powers around Saint Hans and on Saint Olav's day of death on July 29.


The route goes past the famous Svinkløv Badehotel.

After the bathing hotel, it is up again on Lienwhich goes up on the approx. 50 meter high plateau consisting of chalk. Far to the west, the Cretaceous cliff is furrowed by rainwater, and as a result, the characteristic ‘swine claws’ have arisen, which have helped to give the area its name. Here there are magnificent views over Grønnestrand towards Bulbjerg.

Kollerup Plantation

The route goes through Kollerup Plantation, which is intersected by an old coastal cliff from the Stone Age. The route goes over the top, where you get the first glimpse of the sea if you come from the south - a magnificent sight. A bench is set up in case the knees become soft.

A shelter is located in Kollerup Plantation.


Fjerritslev is a lively trading town with a wide selection of shops. In the heart of Fjerritslev lies Northern Europe's best-preserved country brewery, where you can see the brewery and the brewery family's home and the museum also houses a history exhibition. In Fjerritslev there is a youth hostel that also functions as a hostel for hikers on the The Ancient Road.

South of Fjerritslev, the route goes around the manor Ågård, which was home to the famous noble family Gyldenstierne for approx. 300 years. In the garden is a rampart of an older castle and two castle banks, which can be traced back to the mid-1300s. There are tram tracks leading to the ancient monuments.

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