Verdenskortet i Klejtrup

Cycling Stage Hvornum-Viborg (32 km)

Photo: Hærvejen

On this part of the Haervej Trail you travel between the Viking Age, medieval times in Viborg and the present day – and the entire world will be at your feet.

Map of the World
From Hvornum you pass Trinderup Krat close by Klejtrup Lake where you find the Map of the World; a miniature edition of the world complete with lakes, rivers, mountains and flags. The 5,000 m2 map is built by the Danish-American Søren Poulsen between 1944 and 1969 and lies in a green area along the shores of the lake. There is a shop, a cafeteria, and a lunch area with a view to the entire world. In Klejtrup you find a grocer and a pizzeria.

Beautiful natur- and culturlandscapes by Lindum Woods
The trail crosses the brook Skals Å and passes through the beautiful Lindum Woods which is owned mostly by the Tjele Estate. The view from the vantage points in the woods is spectacular. In several places, you have a view to Lindum town and church and of all of Tjele Lake. The area is rich on fauna and flora. In the fields, you can hear the lark sing from early spring. At dawn and dusk you may chance to see grazing deer or spot hares pressing against the ground. There are numerous tales of dramatic events in these parts, and place names like the Wolf Hills, the Bridge Cave, The Rørdals Cave and Kvindsø testify to horrors of the past. The earliest traces of people in the area are burial mounds from antiquity and flint-tool finds.

Tjele Lake and Bigum
The trail continues in Bigum Woods. You may opt for a side trip to Bigum Town in its beautiful surroundings close to the woods and Tjele Lake. At Bigum is a recreational area with a bathing jetty, a playground, tables, benches and bathrooms. With its 10 kilometers, Tjele Lake is the longest lake in Denmark. In Bigum is also an old passage grave with free admission. The grave has been in use throughout three periods with a thousand years in between.

Bike on to Vammen where you find an inn, a camp site and a grocer. Vammen Lake shore is a big, recreational area which is a splendid sight all year round, not least because of its rich birdlife.

Sødal Woods and Sødal Manor
On the way south to Rødding, you may take a detour west of Torup to Sødal Woods and see Sødal Manor which consists of a brick-built main wing from 1865 and the older and valuable half-timbered side wings from 1603. Originally, Sødal Manor, then called Stapelgård, stood one kilometer west of the present building, and belonged to Chamberlain Rane Johnson who was declared an outlaw for his participation in the murder of King Erik Klipping. At the behest of Erik Menved, the manor was torn down, moved to its present location and renamed Sødal. Sødal Woods are 480 acres of mixed woods of fir, beech and oak, and it stretches from Vrå and the fields of Sødalgård to the border of Vammen Parish.

Rødding Lake
The trail leads on to the village of Rødding and Rødding Lake. The lake was recreated in 2004 after having been dried out for nearly a century. The lake and its surroundings are now a natural resort with many opportunities for experiences and activities. There is a marked-out trail around the lake which is 2.6 kilometers long. There are tables, benches, a bonfire place, bathrooms and a grocer in town.

The Flower Farm by Neder Kokholm
On the way to Viborg, you can make a side trip to Blomstergården (’the Flower Farm’) at Neder Kokholm. It exhibits 1000 different species and has one of the largest collections of fuchsia in Northern Europe. You may also see rare summer flowers and other plants in the blooming garden. In addition, Blomstergården has an impressive collection of fruit trees - a pometum.

Go on to Viborg, biking between Viborg Lakes And have a beautiful view to the Cathedral.


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