Hærvejen nye Jelssøerne

Hiking Stage | Jels - Vojens (21 km)

Photo: Hærvejen

The road from Jels to Vojens goes through some beautiful scenery, including Stursbøl Plantation and Oksevad Hede along the Nørreå River. There are lots of entertaining things to do for all the family in Vojens.

Stursbøl Plantation
From Jels, the walking route follows woodland trails through Stursbøl Plantation. There are several places in Stursbøl Plantation, where the route goes on smaller trails of the Hærvej. As the woods are on the top of the ridge, with few streams to cross, it is likely that this route has been used by travellers for thousands of years. The link to ancient times can clearly be seen by the 70 Bronze Age grave mounds which lie close to the Hærvej track. 

South of the woodland is the old Hærvej inn in Stursbøl, which is today known as Café Ellegård. The trail goes south past Prinsens Høj - the Prince’s Hill, through the Oksenvad Hede plantation, which lies along the Nørreå River.

At Slevad Bridge, which is located immediately after leaving Oksenvad Hede, there are clear tracks, showing that the crossing at Slevad and Oksenvad has been used for many years. There is a signpost towards an Iron Age grave mound, which has been excavated and opened to the public, so visitors can see the double stone ring construction.

From here the route goes east of Jegdrup, before reaching Vojens, which has a tourist information office close to the walking route, as well as plenty of opportunities for shopping. 

Vojens has plenty of opportunities for shopping and to get the latest information on the region’s attractions and activities from the local tourist office. The town is known amongst other things for its speedway track, built by Ole Olsen, Denmark’s first speedway world champion. Vojens also has an excellent go-kart track, and skating rink, sports hall, swimming pool and leisure centre. In other words, there are plenty of fun things to do in Vojens before continuing along the Hærvej.


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Photo: Hærvejen

Distance: 21 km.

Sværhedsgrad: let

Underlag:  skovveje og asfalterede småveje

Natur: En etape der løber gennem skove og åbent land

Lejrpladser: Find dem i Hærvejens app og på udninaturen.dk


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