Hirtshals Fyr

Hiking Stage Hirtshals-Lønstrup (21 km)

Photo: VisitHirtshals

This section of the Ancient Road offers a vivid impression of the landscapes of Vendsyssel with its majestic coastline and inland dunes, from the industrious port town of Hirtshals to the beautiful woodlands of Tornby Klitplantage and the idyllic fishing village Lønstrup.

Godt at vide om etapen

Distance: 30 km.

Underlag: grusveje og asfaltveje i det åbne land

Natur: landskabet er det åbne land med enge, gravhøje, mange åer og marker

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Natur, kultur og historie

Vi præsenterer dig her for her udvalgte oplevelser langs vandreetapen mellem Lønstrup og Thise. Glæd dig til en hel buket af museer, natur, kirker og kunsthåndværk.

The beach in Lønstrup

Lønstrup has a nice beach with good bathing conditions for both children and adults.


Bækslugten is the result of a natural disaster that happened in Lønstrup on August 11, 1877.

Lønstrup Redningshus

In Lønstrup you can find the rescue house on the steep pickup site, where you can experience an exhibition about the history of fishing in Lønstrup.

Rubjerg Knude

Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse Moves Rubjerg Knude Fyr is one of North Jutland's major tourist attractions. Right on the edge of the impressive Rubjerg ...

Maarup Church

Mårup Kirke was built in the early 13th century and since then it has only gone one way for the small village church.

Børglum Monastery Church

Middle age power centre.  Today's visitor at Børglum Monastery may wonder why this remote hill was chosen as a centre of power in the Middle Ages. Ho...

Thise Hills

Thise Hills (Bakker) offers plenty of great views of the surrounding nature and beautiful natural surroundings. Thise Hills is one of Western Vends...

Thise Church

The Church in Thise. Roman ashlared church built in the years of 1100 or 1200.  The church is beautifully situated in full sight at one of the talles...

Nature Camp in Manna

Shelter situated near the beautiful nature of Manna and Thise Hills  with room for four people. 200 m from the shelter you will find a grocery cal...

Kunsthåndværk mellem Hirtshals og Lønstrup

Galleri A

At Gallery A in Lønstrup there are both painting, watercolor, drawing, sculpture and much more.

Gallery Uggerby Lønstrup

At Galleri Uggerby in Lønstrup it is possible to see both Danish and international art.

Gallery Bo Bendixen

At Bo Bendixen you can find graphic motifs that help make the day a little bit more fun.

Glashuset - Vange Glas

Glashuset in Lønstrup is the city's first glass paving and offers both glass for daily use, but also unique glass.

Galleri Friis - Lønstrup

At Galleri Dorte Friis you can experience a wide range of artists, right in the heart of Lønstrup.

John Bredahl Kunst

At John Bredahl Kunst in Lønstrup you can find stone sculptures and figures cast in bronze.

Gallery Lønstrup

Discover original watercolors, inspired by the fascinating nature along the west coast, at Galleri Lønstrup.


Keramoda creates handicraft and sculptures inspired by the raw nature of Lønstrup.

Glaspusteriet Rikke Precht

At Glaspusteriet Rikke Precht you can experience the working workshop and be drawn by the glowing element.

Giebelhausen Keramik

At Giebelhausen Keramik, unique craftsmanship is created based on Scandinavian tradition.

Butik Hørhuset

At Butik Hørhuset in Lønstrup you will find a universe of beautiful linen textiles.

Holberg Smykker

At Holberg Smykker you can find handmade jewelry, which is inspired by the mysticism of nature.

Loenstrup Smykke Design

At Loenstrup Smykke Design there are high quality jewelery, which is inspired by the fantastic nature of the area.

Galleri Visby (art gallery)

Galleri Visby is North Jutland's largest artisan gallery, where you can see exhibitions from both Danish and international artists.

Glasgården in Thise

Welcome to Glasgården (the Glass Farm) in Thise by Heidi Skovsgaard Andersen   Glasgården is a lovely farm shop that produces and sells uniqu...