Hærvejen med skilt Hammer

Discover The Ancient Road by bike in Himmerland

Photo: Niels Fabech

We could also call this section of the cycling trail “route through fjord and forest area”. Along the way you get to experience the nature reserve Hammer Bakker, the forest Rold Skov, the Limfjord and the Mariager Fjord, interrupted by a lot of small trails through open agricultural areas.

The route connects the city Aalborg at the Limfjord and Viborg, the old capital of The Ancient Road. This route has a wide range of attractions on offer: from small to large. If there was enough space on this page, we would love to tell you about every single one of them! Instead we chose a smaller selection.

At the top you can find information regarding the cities, the nature and the history as well as detailed suggestions for different hiking sections. 

At the bottom of the page there is information to help you plan your trip. Please note that you can also find a lot of interesting information in “Hærvejen – Guide for hikers and cyclists”, the print version of our map.

Blå: cykelrute Rød: vandrerrute

Aalborg - Viborg


4 dagsetaper


114 km.

Maps | Himmerland

Detailed maps of The Ancient Road: Løgstør | Viborg and Aalborg - Viborg

Cykeletaper Hærvejens cykelrute i Himmerland

Hent inspiration til din tur på de etaper, vi foreslår her.


Cycling Stage Hammer Bakker - Svenstrup (23 km)

The Ancient Road Hammer Bakker - Svenstrup

Cycling Stage Svenstrup-Arden (30 km)

The Ancient Road på cykel Svenstrup-Arden

Cycling Stage Arden - Hvornum (32 km)

The Ancient Road by bike Arden - Hvornum (32 km)

Cycling Stage Hvornum-Viborg (32 km)

The Ancient Road by bike Hvornum-Viborg

Oplevelser langs Hærvejens cykelrute i Himmerland

Glæd dig til Rold Skov, Danmarks største skov, der med sine mange kilder, søer og rige natur er en rig naturoplevelse. I Himmerland finder du også vikingeborgen Fyrkat i kanten af Mariagerfjord samt Verdenskortet ved Klejtrup Sø. 


Vi har her udvalgt 4 oplevelser til dig. Længere nede finder du mere detaljerede lister med byer, kultur og natur på ruten.

Gravlev Sø

This lake is the result of a nature restoration project. The original large lake, approx. 50-60 ha, and covered the ground from Lille Blåkilde all the...

Rold Skov (Forest)

Rold Skov Forest is one of the largest and most beautiful forests in Denmark. In Rold Skov, you will not only be able to find wonderful natural experi...

Fyrkat Viking Center

Vikingecenter Fyrkat consists of the historic ringfort Fyrkat and the Viking Farmstead, which is 9 reconstructed houses, that together constitute a la...

The World Map "Verdenskortet"

Take your family on a trip around the world you will never forget! The 5.000 m2 world map was created by the Danish-American citizen, Søren Poulsen be...

Kultur, natur og historie

Herunder finder du mere detaljerede lister over mangfoldigheden af byer, natur og kultur langs Hærvejen i Himmerland

Discover Himmerland from The Ancient Road cycling route

Attractions along The Ancient Road cycling trail from Aalborg to Viborg

Towns|Cycling Route|Himmerland

Towns and attractions along The Ancient Road in Himmerland

Churches along The Ancient Road Cycling Route in Himmerland

Churches along The Ancient Road Cycling Route Aalborg-Viborg

Kunst | Himmerland | cykelruten

Inspirerende kunst og kunsthåndværk du kan besøge på turen.

Restaurants | Accommodation | Find your way

In the interactive map of The Ancient Road there is information about accommodation and restaurants along the way. In our printed map and in our app, you can find all the information you need to find the correct path 
or to prepare your route beforehand.  


The interactive map of the The Ancient Road

Hostels on the Ancient Road

Hostels on the Ancient Road

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Find your way on the The Ancient Road

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