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Here you can find a range of information materials about the Ancient Road which you can purchase online or at the tourist information offices along the Ancient Road.

In addition, you can discover some Ancient Road-related products.

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Hærvejen - Guide for hikers and cyclists

Hærvejen - Guide for ramblers and cyclists

A map-based guide to the Ancient Road from Frederikshavn and Hirtshals in the north to Padborg in the south. Overview map (scale 1:300,000) plus nine detailed maps (1:50,000) in Danish, German and English. The maps are available digitally from the website. The map-based guide is also available in print for DKK 100 from tourist offices along the Ancient Road and from Danish bookstores. Order the guide online for an added fee for postage and packaging.

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Hærvejs Schnapps


The schnapps (or aquavit) blend consists of clear Brøndum schnapps with wild thyme, St John’s wort and heather – all flowering plants found along the Ancient Road. Ancient Road Schnapps is made by the Viskum Snaps distillery. 

Price: Large bottle from DKK 170
Price: Small bottle from DKK 70

The Hærvejssnaps can be bought at Tourist-Informations along Hærvejen.

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