Haervej app

The app THE HAERVEJ is for you who hikes or bikes on the Haervej!

The app contains detailed maps of the Haervej trails for you to download on your cell phone and use whenever, regardless of poor internet connection.

The app shows you where to eat, sleep, shop and what to see along the Haervej.  The app also tells you about the scenery and the history of the Haervej. More stories will follow in time.

The app has lots of contents! We recommend that you download the app to your cell phone somewhere with Wi-Fi access. When you have downloaded the app and the maps you want, the application works off-line.

The app is free! It is the result of the joint efforts of Region South, Mid and Northern Jutland. The contents have been made in collaboration with local tourist agencies, forest rangers, museums, cultural centers, etc.

The app also contains directions for use.

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Download the app

The App can be download in App Store or Google play.


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