The glacial watershed

The glacial watershed

Along the Jutland Ridge south of Nørre Snede you find a varied area of natural beauty, which includes the lake of Rørbæk Sø, the largest oak scrubland in Denmark in addition to several locations of historic significance. The Ancient Road runs right through the area, which is home to a number of popular attractions, including Vestermølle Watermill and Ballesbækgård by the lake of Rørbæk Sø as well as the headsprings of Denmark’s largest rivers, Gudenåen and Skjern Å.

Tinnet Krat

The oak scrubland of Tinnet Krat is part of Denmark’s largest ancient forest. The small and gnarled oaks testify to the rugged and windswept conditions, the poor soil and previous over-exploitation of the forest.

Rørbæk Sø

Ballesbækgård by the lake of Rørbæk Sø offers a scenic setting for picnics and lakeside nature walks. The lake is encircled by woodland and rolling hills carpeted with heather and juniper.

Gudenåens og Skjernåens udpring

Close to Tinnet Krat you find the headspring of Denmark’s largest rivers, Gudenåen and Skjern Å, located just a few hundred metres apart. Gudenåen runs to the east, while Skjern Å runs to the west.

Not far from Tinnet Krat and close by Rørbæk Sø you find Koutrupgaard Nature Centre, which is housed in a former wayside inn and now serves the local municipalities. Koutrupgaard and the 400-hectare surrounding woodland belong to the Danish Forest and Nature Agency, comprising a nature reserve of approximately 2,200 hectares with a large network of nature trails, parking spaces and recreational areas.

Close to the headspring of Gudenåen you find the remains of a large bathing facility from the 1930s. Here the spring water was collected in a number of large pools that were a popular destination for both locals and tourists.

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Rørbæk Lake, Tinnet Krat and the Gudenåen spring

Rørbæk Sø, Tinnet Krat og Gudenåens Udspring

Rørbæk Lake

Rørbæk Sø