Daytrips The Blicher region / Kompedal

The Blicher region / Kompedal

The Ancient Road passes the woodland of Kompedal Plantage, a 2,678-hectare heathland plantation on a landscape shaped by the Ice Age and with a story reaching back to the regicide on Grathe Heath, the age of German immigration, the heathland forestation, and the literary world of local author Steen Steensen Blicher – and also the unique wildlife and wildflowers of the dike of Kong Knaps Dige. The area offers great opportunities for outdoor activities, and although easily accessible from motorway A13, the area still enjoys few visitors.

Kompedal Plantage

The woodland of Kompedal Plantage is located just west of the Ice Age ridge and expands over the eastern plains of the Karup heathland.
The woodland is state owned and managed by the Danish Forest and Nature Agency in Central Jutland. The plantation is the location of Grathe Heath and Kompedal Lejren, a camp that was established to house conscientious objectors to military service in 1933, but which today serves as a nature camp.

The Blicher region

The plantation is located southwest of the village of Thorning where Danish author Steen Steensen Blicher served as a pastor from 1819 to 1825 and where he would venture out on his long walks into the heathland, which was the focal point of his many books. Learn more about Blicher at the Blicheregnens Museum in Thorning.

Attractions in the Blicher region / Kompedal Plantage

The wide-open plain is characterised by large areas of conifer woodland, easily accessible from motorway A13. The area’s wide-open heathland has many stories to tell. Not only of Blicher, but also of the German heathland farmers, known locally as the ‘potato Germans’, who immigrated to the area around 1759. There are also destinations of historic importance and great natural beauty, such as:

  • Kong Knaps Dige, a dike that was most probably built in the Iron Age and which may have served as a defence line between different settlements or tribes. The dike and the midstream held historic significance for traffic along the Ancient Road. Today, the deep sunken wheel tracks testify to the wayfarers through the ages.
  • The bloody feud on Grathe Heath between Valdemar and Svend, which took place near Kong Knaps Dige, and which was the final showdown between contenders to the Danish throne.
  • The story of the ‘potato Germans’ and the cultivation and forestation of the heaths.
  • Kompedal Lejren, which was Denmark’s national camp for conscientious objectors and had room for 112 men.

Located a few kilometres north of Kompedal Plantage you find the area’s oldest heath plantation, Alhedens Plantage. Here there are about 70 prehistoric barrows, a number of well-preserved sunken roads and Jens Langknivs Hule (a limestone grotto).

Kompedal Plantage is a very peaceful woodland, not least because motor traffic is not permitted. There is a rich wildlife, which the few visitors enjoy in perfect tranquillity. Unless the wind is from the east, there is no sound of human activity here at all.

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