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Vesthimmerlands Museum

Vesthimmerlands Museum - Join us on a journey through 12,000 years of history.

Vesthimmerlands Museum - an architectural and cultural-historical gem.

Embark on a journey through the exciting history of Vesthimmerland, from the arrival of the first hunters in the Stone Age to the time when steam locomotives took over the area, heralding both new times and opportunities.

Per Kirkeby's beautiful museum building holds 12,000 years of fascinating history and also invites you to learn more about the artist's many works in the city. Get ready for a tour of the city in Per Kirkeby's footsteps and, at the same time, experience the vibrant old station town, which is now the main town of the municipality.

In the Cimbrersalen, the fascinating story of the world-famous 2,000-year-old silver vessel, the Gundestrup Cauldron, is told. It was found in Rævemosen outside Aars, but its origin is to be sought far to the south. Perhaps brought home as war booty and later sacrificed in the bog in an attempt to appease the gods?

The museum holds the stories, but Vesthimmerland's beautiful cultural landscape also invites to good, shared experiences. Take your family on a discovery in Vesthimmerland, which houses six of Denmark's most significant ancient monuments, namely Myrhøj, Ertebølle, Borremosen, The Foxmoor, Østerbølle, and Aggersborg. In September 2023, the Viking fortress Aggersborg, along with the four other Danish ring forts, Fyrkat, Nonnebakken, Trelleborg, and Borgring, was included in UNESCO's prestigious World Heritage List. Take your family on a discovery in Vesthimmerland and experience history up close.

Vesthimmerlands Museum also organizes guided tours, whether it's a city walk "In Per Kirkeby's Footsteps" in Aars, a tour of Denmark's largest viking fortress, Aggersborg, or to other attractions throughout Vesthimmerland. Similarly, the museum's experts can be booked for lectures on topics within archaeology and modern cultural history in Vesthimmerland.

Children and youth up to 18 years: FREE

Adults: DKK 60.00

Over 10 people: DKK 40.00

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