Thingbaek Limestone Mines at the Rebild Center

At the Rebild Center, you can experience Limestone, art, springs, and an exhibition about the Cold War. In Thingbæk Limestone Mines you can experience a sculpture museum, and at the reception building you can experience different exhibits about the abovementioned.

The mines was opened to the public in 1935, and with the opening of the new reception building in 2015, you can now experience even more when you visit. Even the view over Gravlev Valley towards Rold Skov forest and Rebild Bakker is an attraction in itself. When you walk into the mines, the cold and dark mine tunnels will be in stark contrast to the view over the valley. You walk directly into the underground in Denmark.

In the mines, you can experience gypsum sculptures created by Anders Bundgaard, bronze sculptures by Carl Johan Bonnesen, and a relief cut into the limestone wall by Søren Assenholt. The sculptures in Thingbaek have been the model and inspiration for many famous sculptures such as the Cimbrian Bull, the Reunion Monument, and the Gefion Fountain. Over time, different temporary exhibitions can also be experienced here.

In the area, the plan is to establish 8 km of hiking paths, and along these paths you can experiences “Land Art”. You can, furthermore, experience the fish farms, which is also an authentic glimpse into the Jutlandic cultural history.

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