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Street art - Okuda og Antonyo - Kastetvej

From a sad and dark walk-through-yard to a colourful place to hang out

Okuda (b. 1980) is from Santander, Spain. His art is characterized by geometric and colourful motives. Read more about Okuda… 
Antonyo Marest was born by the Mediterranean Sea in 1987. He works with street art, graffiti, interior, textile and industrial design. Read more about Antonyo…

How to find it

The painting by Okuda and Antonyo is part of We AArt 2015. Since it was painted at a building between Kastetvej and Standvejen, you cannot see the painting from the street. If you arrive from Strandvejen, make a turn at Kvickly and follow the passage to Kastetvej. If you arrive from Kastetvej, make a turn at restaurant Sticchi’s and follow the passage to Strandvejen

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