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Sense - The Workshops

Sense the artists behind the Working Workshops
In connection with Easter's SANS campaign, you have a unique opportunity to be guided around to them
Working Workshops in Lønstrup by art and culture mediator Lina Franke Hedegaard.

She will tell  about the artists and their passion, where they have their workshops and galleries. Furthermore, Lina will tell the story of how it became possible for the artisans and the artists to occupy Lønstrup and in that way contribute to the city and the region gaining a new identity throughtheir working workshops.

A 2.5 km. walk filled with exciting stories and fresh air.
In de Arbejende Verksteder in Lønstrup, we are a group of living and breathing artists and craftsmen
for our craftsmanship and therefore we keep our workshops open all year round. We all live with a lot of cards
distance from each other and contributes to making Lønstrup the city in Denmark with the greatest concentration
by artisans. We range widely and make jewellery, sculptures, glass, ceramics, underwater photographs
and paintings.

Time: Sunday 24 March at 11-13
Meeting place: Art studio Jan Balling, Strandvejen 3
Price and registration: DKK 50 per person, which is paid upon registration at mobilepay box07620. Note yours
name of the deposit.
Many of the Working Workshops have separate events during Easter. Look more at the individuals
workshops' FB, Instagram or website. Here you will also find opening times. Meet us at the following

Keramiker Dorte Visby, Mårup Kirkevej 62 – www.dortevisby.dk

Loenstrup Smykke Design, Rubjergvej 34 – www.nynnekegel.dk

GALLERI VAND, Rubjergvej 8 – www.gallerivand.dk

Giebelhausen Keramik, Rubjergvej 5 – www.giebelhausen.dk

Artstudio Jan Balling, Strandvejen 3 – www.janballing.net

Glaspusteriet Rikke Precht, Strandvejen 49 – www.rikkeprecht.dk

Keramoda v. Vibe Falkenberg, Strandvejen 56 – www.keramoda.dk

Glashuset Lønstrup, Strandvejen 68 – www.vangeglas.dk

Galleri Dorte Friis, Strandvejen 71 – www.galleridortefriis.com

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