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SANS - Ceramics and Gastro

SANS – ceramics and gastro

In connection with Easter, ceramist Dorte Visby and head chef at Restaurant Villa Vest Anders Kiel Holm invite to the workshop at Galleri Visby on March 24 at 15 for a story about ceramic forms and functions for cooking.

Since 2015, Dorte Visby and Villa Vest have collaborated on the development of ceramic service, which Villa Vest serves on in the restaurant. The series counts approx. 20 different designs – and more are added every year. All designs are developed in close collaboration, so that function, form and serving complement each other.

The design process is a continuous exchange between Dorte and Anders, where adjustments and small changes are constantly made, for example some bowls have become smaller over time. This is because the servings at Villa Vest are small and many, but it is also due to a practical consideration, as they thus take up less space in the kitchen when many servings have to be prepared at the same time.

This afternoon, Dorte sits down at the turntable and together Anders and Dorte let the inspiration flow, so that new forms with a focus on the service's function and purpose arise.

Read more about the collaboration between Dorte Visby and Villa Vest at www.dortevisby.dk

The event costs DKK 50 per person. person. Register by email gallerivisby@gmail.com Max number of participants: 30 people.


Restaurant Villa Vest with Anders Kiel Holm as head chef was awarded a Michelin star in 2023. Villa Vest is located in Lønstrup with the most beautiful view over the North Sea.

Galleri Visby is North Jutland's largest handicraft gallery, and presents art and handicrafts at an international level from over 50 exhibitors within the categories of ceramics, visual arts, jewellery, wood, willow, leather and textiles.


See more Sans events at visitnordvestkysten.dk/sans

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