Ringriderstævne i Slettestrand

Riding at the Ring at Slettestrand

You may expect a really great experience on the 14th July, when a riding at the ring takes place at Slettestrand. It is the largest riding at the ring in Northern Jutland.

Riding at the ring is known by many from the classic films about distiguished knights, and it will be exciting to see, If today’s competent riders are able to hit the bull’s eye with the lance. Both senior- and junior riders participate.

At noon, the riders gather at the stadium at Hjortdal, and at 01.30 p.m. they proceed in cavalcade to Slettestrand. A really remarkable spectacle. At 02.30 p.m. the riding at the ring is launched.

“Pladsen”, Slettestrandvej, 9690 Fjerritslev

Organizer: Hjortdal Ungdoms-og Idrætsforening (Youth-and Athletic association)

Signing up for riding at the ring can be done with “Javsen” 98217207 or Tage K. Olsen 20165190. Participation in the riding is free, but the HUI overshirts are to be worn. All riders participate according to the same rules.