Rebild Bakker and Gravlev Valley - Hiking

The Rebild Bakker hiking trail takes you through the highlights of the area, such as beautiful views from the top of the hills, springs, the troll forest and much more! 




The Rebild Bakker Hiking Trail

The trail was inaugurated the 2nd of June, 2018. The new hiking trail in Rebild National Park and Rold Forest, has created new standards for hiking experiences in Denmark and has gained local and national recognition for its beauty.

Download a map and description of the area.

The 10,8 km trail is the first hiking trail in Denmark to achieve the quality certificate by the Danish Hiking association and the certificate of “Premium hiking trail” by the “Deutsches Wanderinstitut”. The German association has established Europe’s most recognized and strictest quality-system for hiking trails – only the very best hikes are granted the title of “Premium hiking trail”.

The Rebild Bakker Hiking Trail was established by Naturstyrelsen Himmerland and Rold Skov Natur- og kulturcenter. It is marked with white arrows, taking you to some of the most beautiful places in Rebild.

During your hike on The Rebild Bakker Hiking Trail, it is possible to take break at the benches placed along the trail. While taking a break, enjoy the view and the silence of the nature.

Experiences during the hike:

Many believe Ravnkilden to be the most beautiful of all the springs in Rebild. You can cross Ravnkilden by stepping on the several steppingstones, surrounded by the water of Ravnkilden. Rembember to taste the water of Ravnkilden as it is the most clear and clean water in Rebild. Each second, 85 liters of water passes the century-old ford on its route to the stream Lindenborg Å. The spring is 7-8 degrees all year around and is considered a swam spring with its many small brooks. Ravnkilden is surrounded by the beautiful forest on the one side, and on the other side, the view of Lindenborg Ådal.

In accordance with the preservation efforts, it is prohibited to wade through the spring.

Lars Kjærs hus:
Lars Kjær was a poacher, who lived with his wife, the fortune teller Marie. The whitewashed house is placed in Rebild Bakker, covered by heather and hills. It was illegal to hunt animals in Rebild Bakker during the time Lars and Marie lived in Rebild Bakker. However, Lars and Marie were so poor, that the farmers of Rebild and the count of Lindenborg accepted that Lars went hunting for their own food.

This forest is as mysterious as its name, directly translated: Troll forest. Troldeskoven is a part of Rold Skov and is know for the very special trees growing here.
The curved and tortuous beeches in Troldeskoven have become an image of Rold Skov. The trees in Troldeskoven are a remarkable sight, which is cause by the origin of the beech but also due to the condition in which they have grown. The beech in Troldeskoven are the oldest beeches in Rold Skov and can be traced back to the first beeches brought to the country and planted during the middle-ages. Each of the trees typically has more than one stem, some will even have 20-23 stems, and have some special properties compared to beeches further down south. When they have been cut down, a new shoot will grow from both the stub and root, which will eventually become new stems. Therefore, these beeches can be cut down several times, as they will re-grow.
When walking through Troldeskoven keep an eye out for the “Øjetræer” – these trees have, trough time, grown its stems together and created an eye. It is told that walking through the tree will cure illnesses, so make sure to walk through the Øjetræ, if you dare.

Sønderkol Hill:
Sønderkol is the highest point of Rebild Bakker – 102 meters above sea level. The height of this hill gives you the most amazing view over Rebild Bakker. From this point you can see two flagpoles, marking the area of “Gryden”. Every year on the 4th of July the American independence day is celebrated by thousands of people in ‘‘Gryden’’.

It is possible to park anywhere where parking is marked on the Rebild Bakker maps – (bellow). It is recommended to park by RebildPorten, Rebildvej 25a, 9520 Skørping - and start your hike from point A on the map. You will find public bathrooms, water, tourist information center, and the entrance to Rebild National Park, at this parking lot.

Have a look at the Rebild Bakker map and find more information about your hike in Rebild National Park.