Natur Expedition Kit

The route is set and the backpack is packed... Invite your whole family on a "Nature Expedition" in the lovely natural areas of Mariagerfjord.

At the Tourist Information offices in Mariagerfjord, You can borrow a backpack with a lot of exciting tools for exploring the nature.

With the help of route description and inspirational reading, you can bring Your family on a fun and exciting nature expedition in the woods or at the beach in Mariagerfjord. 

In the backpack You will find a inspirational brochure, with information of experiences and activities in the forest or at the beach - You can find out, which kind of rocks or seashell You have found at the beach. There are suggestions for activities and games in the nature - eg. ”rock- or clam bingo" and other types of physical challenges. In the brochure, there are illustrations of the different types of trees and plants in the woods and information on how to find food in the nature.

Combine Your Expidition with a GPS Treasure Hunt... At the Tourist Information offices, You can also rent a GPS device and go geocaching in Mariagerfjord. We have placed a series of 15 caches (treasures) in Mariagerfjord, reachable from both land- and seaside in eg. kayak or canoe. If You find all of the caches You may collect a commemorative diploma and a unique "geo-coin" without tracking number.


Content of the backpack:

A Brochure with inspirational reading.
4 seat covers
1 magnifying glass
1 pair of tweezers
1 mirror
1 plastic tray
1 pair of binoculars
1 box of colours
1 botterfly- / fishing net
1 measuring tape
2 magnets
1 small knife


Lån/leje af rygsæk:

Price: FREE
Deposit: DKK 50,-