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Knivholt Skov and Teglværksskoven

Knivholt Skov and Teglværksskoven have many experiences in store for you.

Knivholt Skov is one of the oldest forests near Frederikshavn and its old trees present many tantalising options for those birds who prefer nesting in pits and holes. Here you will find beech, maple, ash, oak, birch, and lime, all planted between the years 1850 and 1970.

In the forest, two paths have been marked for walking; Knivholtstien (The Path of Knivholt) and Hjertestien (The Path of Hearts), and the area even has a trail for horse riding. Both the East Coast Route and The Green Tour have bicycle trails nearby.

Teglværksskoven (The Brickyard Forest) is about as close as you can get to natural forest in the municipality of Frederikshavn. The area is abound with wildlife, as can be seen by the appearance of foxholes and the occasional badger. Aside from these, the forest is known for its swampy areas, oak, ash, beech and a diverse naturally-occurring flora.


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