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Kirstinelyst – picnic shelter

On the edge of the magnificent inland heath, Randbøl Hede, lies Naturrum Kirstinelyst with a really nice picnic shelter. Combine a picnic with a walk in the nature or a visit to the exhibition center. The picnic shelter has room 40 persons and there are also 5 shelters, campfire sites, barbecue and access to toilets.

Facilities: Picnic shelter, campfire site, BBQ, long tables l and benches

Number of persons: Room for 40 persons under roof, 25-30 persons at tables and benches in the open

Toilet: Yes

Access to water: Yes

Access to firewood: Yes

Other facilities: Hiking and biking trails, riding routes as well as folds and access to water, hay hotels and shelters. The exhibition centre spotlights the exciting history of the heathland.

Parking: Frederikshåbvej 41, 7183 Randbøl. From here you walk 100 metres.

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