InfoCenter Aalborg

Aalborg InfoCenter bid tourists welcome to Aalborg. The center operates as Aalborg's tourist information and makes information about the area surrounding Aalborg available to you through a skilled staff.

At InfoCenter Aalborg, you can find information about attractions, shopping, and events among others things. You can also purchase Beerwalk tickets and souvenirs. Our staff are always ready to help and guide you towards an answer to your questions and give you inspiration to exciting experiences in Aalborg and North Denmark. 

The InfoCenter is located inside the exciting new culture hub, Nordkraft, in Kedelhallen (the old boiler room). Musikkens Hus is our next-door neighbor as well as all the new project sprouting all around us in the eastern part of Aalborg. This means that we not only have knowledge about the area surrounding Aalborg but also function as the information center in Nordkraft.

You are more than welcome to drop by for a chat, or if you have questions about our beautiful city.

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