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Hotel Skibelund Krat Restaurant

Restaurant Skibelund Krat is the cosy a la carte restaurant of Hotel Skibelund.

The restaurant has large panorama windows giving a free and fantastic view of the Kongeå valley and further on to Northern Schleswig. With this view you can enjoy a well-prepared meal in quiet surroundings. You can either take place inside the restaurant or, when the weather and wind allow this in the summertime, outside on our large terrasse.

Our guests experience friendly service in the cosy restaurant. Our reputation is that we have a place with good and plenty of food and our menu also includes gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan dishes. We have the possibility of serving home-brewed special beer with themes from the monument park of Skibelund Krat which is situated just next to us. Our wall decoration illustrates the history of Skibelund Krat framing national meetings in the period 1864-1920 and Constitutional meetings over an even longer period.

What can I get to eat?
The restaurant is well-reputed and offers delicious a la carte dishes and menus. We find inspiration for our menu card from the beautiful nature surrounding Skibelund Hotel. Every day fresh and exciting raw materials are offered prepared on the basis of for instance traditional recipes. Every month we have a new Menu of the Month which appears from our menu card. Obviously, our wine card matches the ambitions for our dishes and menus.

Do you serve lunch?
From 11.30 – 16.00 you can choose from our traditional lunch card.

Where is Restaurant Skibelund Krat situated?
The restaurant is part of Hotel Skibelund Krat, which is situated on the edge of the Kongeå valley in a small beech forest. Therefore, the view from the restaurant of the hotel is quite unique. Next to the restaurant the unique historical monument part, Skibelund Krat, is located. The distance from the City of Vejen to Hotel Skibelund Krat is 4.3 km. Hotel Skibelund is located halfway between Ribe and Kolding. The distance to E20 motorway ramp 68, Vejen Vest: 5.7 km.

Distance to ‘Hærvejen’ - The Ancient Road: 
Hærvejen’s bike route: 0 km
Hærvejens hiking route: 0 km

Distance to ‘Kongeåstien’ – the hiking route along the old border to Germany:
Frihedsbroen (The Freedom Bridge): 1.2 km

The restaurant of Hotel Skibelund Krat also offers assembly rooms with the same good view as the restaurant.

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