Horseback riding in Rold Skov

Horseback riding is allowed everywhere in the northern part of state forest except on burial mounds and other ancient monument. The regular rules for state forest apply to this part of the forest.  

In the southern part of the forest, south of residence of a forest supervisor Mosskovgård (east) and forest guard place Mørkehus (west), horseback riding is only allowed on marked trail. These trails have been marked with a yellow horseshoe. The restriction of horseback riding, in this area, is due to the animal life, including the red deer.

Regulations for riding in state forest:

You may normally horseback ride at a walk, trot or tölt on asphalt roads, paved roads and gravel roads, which is wider than 2.5 meters, and on other roads with permission signs. You may also ride on forest floor, however, not in areas with new plant and trees. It is prohibited to ride on burial mounds, ancient monument, the forests fields, and enclosures etc.