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Hærvejsløbet - The Viking Gran Fondo

Challenge your inner Viking and participate in the DGI Hærvejsløbet, where you can take part in 11 different distances. Get your bike out and ride on the road, on an MTB, or on gravel. Choose from distances ranging from 40 to 300 km in the Hærvejsløbet L'Etape Denmark by Tour de France, which originates from the idea of transforming the historic Hærvej into Denmark's largest sports arena.

DGI Hærvejsløbet L'Etape Denmark by Tour de France originates from the idea of transforming the historic Hærvej into Denmark's largest sports arena.

The Road to Experiences

DGI Hærvejsløbet is a true recreational cycling race where teamwork and social interaction take precedence. This means that as riders, you commit to helping each other, maintaining the pace, waiting for minor repairs, and finishing together with your team.

It's all about having an amazing experience along the way, enjoying the lavish rest stops, and, most importantly, having an unforgettable day on the roads and in the forests of Jutland. Don't forget to smile at the volunteers who work tirelessly to make your experience truly unique.

Enjoy the Journey through Jutland

As you ride along Hærvejen, you will encounter a multitude of experiences, characterized by the effects of the last ice age, which created the watershed on the Jutland ridge.

The journey begins at the beautifully located Flensburg Fjord, and as a participant, you'll cross the border, entering South Jutland with panoramic views in all directions.

South of Vejen, you'll pass Kongeåen, marking the Danish-German border during the historically dramatic years from 1864 to 1920. Gradually, the mid-Jutland hills take over, and the terrain becomes more undulating.

The historic interlude is provided by the Jelling Stones before the theme continues at Rørbæk Sø, where Denmark's largest watercourses, Skjernåen and Gudenåen, originate just a few hundred meters apart before flowing in opposite directions to the west and east.

From here, the forests gradually dominate the landscape towards Viborg.

In a several-kilometer-wide belt near Vrads, you'll cross Denmark's largest contiguous forest area, with forests continuing as Kompedal, Ulvedal, and Stendal Plantage, interrupted only by the newly established Bøllingsø, one of Denmark's largest nature restoration projects.

With Dollerup Bakker, Viborg comes into view, and the cycling race along Hærvejen culminates in the historic city of Viborg, where cobblestones lead you towards the Cathedral and a treasure trove of culture and history.

All information and registration on www.dgi.dk/haervejsloebet-en

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