Guided hiking trip in Jyske Ås

Photo: Brønderslev Erhverv & Turisme

Brøndbakvej 100

9740 Jerslev J

The most beautiful hike of the year

Join a great walking tour in some of the most stunning nature there is in North Jutland.

On the trip, we will explore the area called Slettingen and Grevsmosen, located along the natural beauty Jyske Ås.

We will take a good hike along the red route (Slettingen), where we will pass by hills and valleys, forest and open spaces. The trip offers a range of impressing views and brand new nature signs with information about nature and local history.

Chairman of The Danish Society for Nature Convervation in Brønderslev,  Lars Schönberg-Hemme will be our guide for the day.

Lars knows everything there is to know about the area, so you can just ask him along the way.


Practical information

The trip is just under 4 kilometres.

Most of the trip takes place through hilly terrain, so bring along your best walking shoes.

This trip is not for the walking-impaired or suited for strollers or wheelchairs.

Registration is not necessary

- just appear on the day!


Brøndbakvej 100

9740 Jerslev J

Opening hours

12 Aug 20 / 12 Aug 20


16:00 - 17:30

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