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Frederikshavn swimming pool- swim, relax, fitness

Frederikshavn swimming pool offers a multitude of facilities that can be used freely once the entrance ticket has been paid.

Frederikshavn indoor pool - swimming, relaxing and fitness.

Frederikshavn swimming pool offers a range of facilities that can be freely used when the entrance fee is paid.

Frederikshavn Svømmehal is a modern facility, with indoor swimming pool, fitness facilities on the 1st floor and relaxation area with massage, massage chairs, saunagus and weight training room on the ground floor.

The swimming pool is the obvious destinations for families with children and people of all ages who want to treat themselves.

There are saunagus several times daily, and opportunities to participate in water aerobics without signing up in advance.

25 m. basin with international goals and 1 and 3 meter diving board.

Child and amusement pools with 33 degree water.

Play and activity pool with water slide and play animals.

Large massage showers and massage jets and water massage bench.

Large communal wilderness spa w/ cold water cut and large common steam.

Mittens and belts free loans and various play equipment and beach toys.

Disabled people can easily get around as there is a lift and specially equipped rooms for them.

Fitness and Relax departments are included in the entry ticket.

In the locker room there are lockers for clothes and belongings where you toss kr. 20, - deposit.

There is the option of buying swimwear on site.

Also possible to buy some delicious food and beverage in the Café which has serving both in the Café but also in a serving area in the hall.

See also http://www.svommehal.frederikshavn.dk if you need to organize birthday or come as a group.


Swimming baths have this area:


Water temperature: 27-28 degrees.

Water flow: 1500 m3.

Surface area: 525 m2.

Physical Dimensions: 25 x 21 m.

Water depth: 1.90 m. And 4.00 m.

Facilities: 3 and 1 meter diving boards.


Water temperature: 33 degrees.

Water flow: 150 m3.

Surface area: 121 m3.

Physical Dimensions: 16.67 x 7 meters.

Water depth: 0.90 m. - 1. 40 m.

Facilities: 8 m. Meters long massage bench with air and water jets.


Water temperature: 33 degrees.

Water flow: 140 m3.

Surface area: 150 m2.

Water depth: 0 to 1.40 m. (With shore).

Facilities: 35 m. Water slide - 3 showers.

2 areas with massage jets in the bottom.



Water temperature: 33 degrees.

Water volume: 7 m3.

Surface area: 27 m2

Water depth: 0.27 m.

Facilities: Children slide. Play animals splashed with water.


See prices on http://www.svommehal.frederikshavn.dk/priser/

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