Fårup Lake

The upper part of Grejsdal valley (Grejs Ådal) south of Jelling with Fårup Lake, numerous springs, woods and open cropped meadows and fringes form the frame of an exciting landscape with tremendous natural resources. Fårup Lake is one of deepest lakes in the area.

Most of the lake’s water comes from springs in and around the lake. Grejs River takes its rise from the many springs in and around Fårup Lake. The river’s powerful current has up through history been exploited by at least 15 water mills.    

You will often be able to enjoy the view of the great crested grebe and sheldrakes at the lake and you may be fortunate enough to also spot a kingfisher or fish hawk.    

During part of the summer, the impressive viking boat “Jelling Orm” lies in the lake. The 15 m long and three m wide boat was built in the 1980s by several volunteers from the old viking town of Jelling.    

At the east end of Fårup Lake, you will find boats and pedalos for hire, a kiosk and great fishing opportunities. You are not allowed to sail in your own boat, canoe or kayak on the lake.  

The area also houses a camping site and an inn with overnight accommodation. Marked trails will take you around the area near Fårup Lake.  

The ancient road trail (Hærvejen) also crosses the area, as do the regional bike routes nos. 34 and 35.  

In Jelling Forest, you will find the outdoor Abrahamsen’s Farm with parking, table/benches, toilet and open area, where you can enjoy your packed lunch.