Dementia friendly tour in Dronninglund Nature Park

Photo: Brønderslev Erhverv & Turisme


9330 Dronninglund


Phone: +45 99 45 46 99

We meet at the parking lot by the Forest Kiosk and walk around in the park, we'll see open spaces, great, old beech trees and a small forest lake.

We'll enjoy the smells of the autumnn, and if we are lucky, we can have a taste of the berries if the forest.

We hear a bit about the history of the Nature Park, and along the way we will see fairy tale sculptures around in the nature.

Back at the parking lot we will enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea.



Notice: Registration for the trip is required - call or write Vivi Mølle Ahmio on phone +45 99 45 46 99


Time: Thursday 15. September at 4:00 pm

Place: Slotsgade 9, 9330 Dronninglund

Duration: Approx. 2 hours

Bring along: Sensible shoes, coffee/tea

Tour guide: Anne Mille Christensen



9330 Dronninglund

Opening hours

17 Sep 20 / 17 Sep 20


16:00 -

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