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Bommerlund Plantage

700 ha conifer plantation with fine forest paths and a primitive camp site. See the unique stone bridge Gejlå Bro from 1818 and visit Paradiset.

Bommerlund Plantation

A 700 ha conifer plantation with small lakes located close to Kruså, south of Gejlå and on both sides of the old Hærvej. It was once planted by the Prussian forestry service in the period 1880 to 1910. The lands then belonged to Bommerlundkro and the farmers in the area.

The plantation is very suitable for hiking and cycling. It has many fine forest paths in addition to the section of Hærvejen that runs through it. In the plantation, there is also a primitive camp site with multi toilet that you can use.

To the north, the plantation is terminated by Gejlå, where there is a large oblong parking space that runs along an old stone dike. Here you can easily start a walk and cross the beautiful historic Gejlå Bridge, which also carries the Hærvejen over Gejlå. With its 2 arches, the bridge is one of the most spectacular bridges crossing Hærvejen. The bridge was built in 1818, but before it, there were several other bridges. Some flat stones under the bridge are believed to be from a ford that was here before the first bridge was built.

Close to the ford above Gejlå, there used to be the well-known Bommerlund Inn. It was known for its Bommerlund schnapps and rumor has it that the recipe for the schnapps came from a French officer in 1769 who could not pay his bill at the inn. Towards the parking lot you will find a huge stone with engravings. The stone is called Brändevinssten and marks where Bommerlundkro was located.

Did you know that Paradise is located in Bommerlund Plantage?

Paradiset is the name of a beautiful open heath and bog area in the plantation, which is full of small lakes, animal and plant life. If you're lucky, you can see deer and fallow deer, walk around and graze in the Paradise. You may also be lucky to find raspberries, blueberries, lingonberries and cranberries if you stop by in late summer.

Paradisvejen leads straight down to Paradiset and you have to turn right to go around the beautiful heath marsh.


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