Bjergeskoven (Mountains forest)

In  Bjergeskoven (the Mountains forest) terrain falls 85 meters from the highest point of the burial mounds Pigs High to Gravlevdalens base just 1 km away. The forest varies from tall pines on the high parties, the younger hardwood forest to the ancient twisted and gnarled beech forest that one associates with the name Mountains forest.

Mountains forest gnarled and often many stemmed beeches tells of miserable upbringing and exploitation. When the state took over the forest for the tax debt in 1826, it could hardly be called a forest, total felling notch and impoverished as it was. The forest has licked the wounds and now stands as a picturesque memory and beautiful natural scenery for a rich ground flora with calcicoles plants.

The 2-300 years old beech encircling fence with forest pearl orchid Lady's Slipper. Europe's largest and rarest orkide' survive in its bower, to shield against illegal opgarvning. Visit the site last week in May when everything is bright green and Lady cow beautiful flowers peaks.
If you arrive before, Mountains forest is a good place to look for Blue Anemone, and if you come later, in July, then holds Lady cow fence another, extremely rare occupant - orchid Red Helleborine.