Angling in Lindenborg Å

Photo: RebildPorten
Angling waters

Lindenborg Å

9520 Skørping

Lindenborg Å - probably the most famous angling water of area Himmerland - is well known for  it's  large Sea Trout's. Nearly every year Sea Trout's of more than 10 kg is catched.

The angling for the opsteam fish's takes place from the beginning of june. Night or twilight angling is often number one.

Besides the prescribed official danish angling fishing license you need a speciel local angling license, whitch you can buy either online or at:

Rebild Turistbureau
Rebildvej 25 A
DK-9520 Skørping
Tel.: +45 99 88 90 00

At a small stretch of the Lindenborg Å - marked with yellow on the map - you are aloud to angle without the local permission. Take care of the bull - it might run free.

The angling period: 16. January - 15. November.


Lindenborg Å

9520 Skørping


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