The agricultural museum at Tørninggård

Museum in scenic surroundings.

The museum at Tørninggård is a small agricultural museum. There are approximately 3000 objects. They are both large and small, and all have been used in farming from the 1800s to the 1960s. Some of the objects are even older, like a wooden plow from around 1700.

The museum is located in beautiful surroundings, just across from Tørning Mill and the Castle Bank, and the next door building is now an Ancient Road hostel.

You can visit the museum every day of the week between Easter and the fall break and get a tour by appointment. Only in Danish. It is also possible to visit the museum by appointment, outside the normal opening season.

Guests can make their own coffee at the hostel. There is also an ice cream shop at Tørning Mill, where you can also buy coffee and cake.

Brought food and drink may be enjoyed at the museum and in the hostel.

The museum entry is free, however, you are more than welcome to leave a voluntary contribution.