Hærvejen i Hammer Bakker

Maps | Nordvestjylland

Use our printed maps 'Hærvejen A guide for ramblers and cyclists' to find your way out there or to plan your trip in advance. You can download a low resolution version of this on this page.

The map is not good in print, instead buy a card set at bookstores on the Internet.


Detailed maps of The Ancient Road in Nordvestjylland
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Map 1A

Hiking stage: Hirtshals-Lønstrup (continues at map 1B)

pdf / 7.33 MB

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Map 1B

Hiking stage: Hirtshals-Lønstrup HIking stage: Lønstrup-Thise Hiking stage: Thise-Blokhus (continues on map 2A)

pdf / 12.9 MB

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Map 2A

Hiking stage: Lønstrup-Blokhus Hiking stage: Blokhus-Tranum Hiking stage: Tranum-Fjerritslev (continues on map 2B)

pdf / 7.93 MB

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Map 2B

Hiking stage: Tranum-Fjerritslev Hiking stage: Fjerritslev-Løgstør

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