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Hærvejen løber på nogle strækninger sammen med Nordsøstien

Hiking Stage Thise-Blokhus (24 km)

Photo: Lise Holt

This hikingstage goes from inland in Vendsyssel and out to the coast at Jammerbugt, where Hærvejen follows Sti100, which lies in the coastal back country parallel to the coast.


Thise - Fårup

South of Thise the route goes up into Thise Bakker, where Thise Church is located. A little to the west of the church the is a spring, where a spring market was held annually, most recently in 1915. At the church the are facilities for eating.

In Manna there is a grocery store. South of Manna, the route runs along narrow roads in the low-lying areas around Ryå. Ryå is Vendsyssel's largest and longest river. It originates in Jyske Ås and runs into the Limfjord.
West of Sdr. Saltum takes the trip via Slotsvej, which lies on a ridge where there is a wide view to the south over the agricultural landscape, where crops and wind energy are harvested.
The route goes past Fårup Summerland, which has been voted several times the best attraction in the Nordic countries.

Blokhus - Hune

When turning off Pirup Road and heading towards the cottage area, the next 50+ km of the route will mainly be along nature trails and dirt roads. The road follows the path 100, which lies parallel to the coast in the coastal back country and ends south in the Gateway Blokhus. From trail 100, numbered paths lead through the large cottage area down to the beach. Hune and Blokhus have many shopping opportunities, both groceries and specialty stores.

In Hune lies the Garden in Hune - a flower painter's garden: 7500 m2 color-themed small gardens in hilly terrain. When the garden is open, the coffee house is also open, where you can buy freshly baked cake 'kringle' ad libitum.

Gateway Blokhus

Gateway Blokhus brings together the several hiking and cycling routes, and has good facilities such as a resting place with facilities for eating,  toilets, overview cards, natural baking oven. Blokhus Dune Plantation, in which the gateway is located, offers several picnic sites and barbecue / campfire sites, and has a nice shelter with 4 shelters.
The gateway offers several hiking routes, a fitness route, a large tarzan track, an 11 km mountain bike route (possibility to rent bicycles in Hune), a riding route (possibility to take on Icelandic horses from Blokhus Equestrian Center).


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