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Hærvejen mellem Blokhus og Tranum

Hiking Stage Blokhus-Tranum (30 km)

Photo: Lise Holt

A beautiful walking stage that takes you to the deserted moorland landscapes and plantations in northwest Denmark

Blokhus Klitplantage

Gateway Blokhus brings together several long hiking and cycling routes, and has good facilities such as a resting place (facilities for eating, toilets, overview cards, natural baking oven). Blokhus Dune Plantation, in which the gateway is located, offers several picnic sites and barbecue / campfire sites, and has a nice site with 4 shelters. The gateway offers several hiking routes, a fitness route, a large ‘Tarzan’ track, an 11 km mountain bike route (possibility to rent bicycles in Hune), a riding route (possibility to take on Icelandic horses from Blokhus Equestrian Center).

Blokhus Dune plantation is located on a moraine island. Thousands of years ago, the area was an island surrounded by the Stone Age sea. It is the ice age that has created the landscape, where the moraine clay and ground sand are later covered with a thick layer of fly sand. This makes the area a typical landscape of flying sand.

On the way through Blokhus Klitplantage you go via the ‘Spirit’ Trail, where the residents from Rødhus, Klithuse and Tranum went when they were going to Blokhus for spirits. Blokhus was then the entire trading center of the region because of the extensive shootings trade with Norway. The trail goes past Nørre Sø, where it is allowed to catch fish.


Rødhus was a wealthy village until about the year 1500, when the sanddrift got rampant. The sanddrift was stopped in the late 1800s. The area was a seabed in the Stone Age about 7000 years ago. Since then the land has risen to 7 meters and forced the water back. On the route there is access to the beach over the outermost dune row, which is at the end of Severinsvej (Severinsvej has asphalt pavement).  There is access to the church (and to water) during the summer period at. 8-16.

Tranum Klitplantage

Tranum Dune plantation is very large - approx. 4000 ha - landscaped in 1920. Most of the dune plantation area is not covered in trees but contains a defense shooting range and large dune and moorland areas. The dune plantation is located on a raised seabed, which is covered with fly sand everywhere, partly as an even layer over the plain and shared as hiking dunes.

The plantation is being transformed into wilderness, where natural hydrology is sought to be recreated by stopping drainage. The plantation is the core area for wild game, and there are plenty of raw game. Central to the plantation is Ajs Oles Plads, where there are two shelters, toilet ets. The silence and darkness can be quite intense here. There are areas with free tenting in the plantation - see for more details.

Tranum Aktieplantage

Local residents founded the stock plant in 1902 to plant areas to protect the wind and the ravages of sand escape. The route goes over Klithuse Bakker, where at the top of the inland dunes you come up over the tree tops.


In Tranum is a utility and a campground. A shelter is located in Langdal Plantation on the route of the road near the fenced ‘dog forest’. In the vicinity of Tranum facing Tranum Beach lies Tranumstrand Kursuscenter, which offers accommodation and also serves as a hostel for The Ancient Road.

In 2018, Tranum established an 11 km walking tour in connection with Hærvejen, which is certified according to international standards.

A relatively deserted stage where you go through several more dune plantations. At Rødhus you are only the outermost dune line from the sea, where it is possible to bath your tired feet in the North Sea.

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