Nymølle Bæk

Discover Northeast Jutland from The Ancient Road

North Jutland is not only the tip of Jutland! In North Jutland, the ground has risen since the last ice age and formed the large, high plains, through which The Ancient Road will lead you. It seems as though one can see a little bit more of everything from up there.

From the harbour town Frederikshavn you walk through the botanical garden Bangsbo and follow the watercourse Vrangbækken for a while. Further south you walk through the area of Nymølle Plantation and Nymølle Bæk, which is lush and abundant in water. You will soon arrive at the historically interesting and large forests on the ridge of land called Jyske Aas. Take a little break at the lake Klokkerholm, before following the route further through forests and open scenery towards the wooded hills of Hammer Bakker in the north of Aalborg.

Attractions along The Ancient Road Frederikshavn-Aalborg