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Discover The Ancient Road in Northeast Jutland by bike

Photo: Niels Fabech

North Jutland is not only the tip of Jutland! In North Jutland, the ground has risen since the last ice age and formed the large, high plains, through which The Ancient Road will lead you. It seems as though one can see a little bit more of everything from up there. 

The Ancient Road cycling trail connects the harbour town Frederikshavn with Aalborg at the Limfjord. The scenery is typical for that of North Jutland: wide plains, the sea, forests and open agricultural areas. This route has a wide range of attractions on offer: from small to large. If there was enough space on this page, we would love to tell you about every single one of them! Instead we chose a smaller selection.

At the top you can find information regarding the cities, the nature and the history as well as detailed suggestions for different hiking sections. 

At the bottom of the page there is information to help you plan your trip. Please note that you can also find a lot of interesting information in “Hærvejen – Guide for hikers and cyclists”, the print version of our map.

The Ancient Road

Photo: Jens Kirkeby

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Cycling Stages

Photo: Hærvejen (MH)

Restaurants | Accommodation | Find your way

In the interactive map of The Ancient Road there is information about accommodation and restaurants along the way. In our printed map and in our app, you can find all the information you need to find the correct path 
or to prepare your route beforehand.  


The interactive map of the The Ancient Road

Hostels on the Ancient Road

Hostels on the Ancient Road

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The maps of the The Ancient Road

Download the maps of the The Ancient Road here