Cycling Stage Svenstrup-Arden (30 km)

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The tour begins in southern Aalborg, where the Østerådalen as a green wedge shoots far into the city. The area 'Østerådal' is over 100 ha. large and here is a rich bird life with shallow lakes and wet meadows.


Volsted is Denmark's largest suburb - the fort was common ground and even the village's gathering place and today is a common living area. The characteristic of a 'forteby' is that all farms and houses are situated around a large open space, which can be seen in many villages from the Middle Ages.

On the outskirts of the village is a church with access to toilet and water.

Further on the route you reach the ramparts Egholm castle ruin. The story of Egholm dates back to the 1300s and has been a refuge with a moat and tower. In 1386 Queen Margrethe bought the castle and donated it to Aalborg Kloster against the demolition.

Lindenborg Å winds its way through the area and is an excellent water for canoeing and not least for angling.

In the village of Gl. Skørping the church is decorated with beautiful and well preserved frescoes. In the cemetery you can find the remains of what was the well of the Holy Cross. While there was water in the well, many pilgrims and sick people went to this well with the belief that the water from the well was healing.

Rold Skov

Rold Skov is approx. 80km2 large and invites all year round to many experiences.

Unique for Rold Skov is also its many sources such as Lille Blåkilde where Hærvejen runs quite close by, and Ravnkilden, where you can get so close to the well that you can fill the drinking can with cool drinking water. Stop and enjoy the water's rustle and at the same time enjoy some peace of mind.

The sources run down in Lindenborg to. Stroll around Gravlev Lake, where you can experience a rich bird life as well as Gravlev well at the foot of Gravlev Church with the most beautiful view of the river.

Rebild Bakker

Many people gathers here every year on July 4 to celebrate America's Independence Day, the Museum Rebild that tells the story of gamers, music and folk dance.

Here there are also plenty of opportunities to enjoy good food - to stay at eg hotel, hostel, campsite, b & b. Get inspiration and guidance from RebildPorten, the area's touristcenter. Here you also have access to toilet and water.

St. Økssø

By St. Økssø it is possible to stay overnight in shelters with access to toilet and water.

The lake is beautifully situated in the middle of the forest and is an excellent swimming lake all year round.

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