Hærvejen på cykel mellem Arden og Hvornum

Cycling Stage Arden - Hvornum (32 km)

Photo: Hærvejen

If you are in the mood for a small detour for bicycles or on foot, try the PANORAMA route, which is a walking route of 5 - 10 km, starting at Hobro Marina. It is about the same place as where you can start a detour by bike on Cycle Route 32, Mariager Fjordruten.

Rold Skov
When you reach the cycle path from the north, you come through Rold Skov. Rold Skov, which is Denmark's largest forest, has plenty of opportunities for experiences. For example, you come across Store Økssø, which offers beautiful nature experiences and maybe a swim. Here are both hiking trails, natural play and only approx. 700 meters to Mosskov Pavilion, where there are shelters.
From Store Økssø, the stage goes to Arden, where there is a train connection to both Aalborg and Aarhus. In Arden is also the 'Stable Square', which is also called the "Gate to the Rold Forest". There is also a lovely nature playground and a campsite with shelters.
After Arden, the stage continues to Rold, where you can visit the Circus Museum in season. Rold Gl. Inn. Here you both eat and sleep well, and you can lock your bike inside.
Next stop is Vebbestrup, known for Vebbestrup Dairy, where you can get the absolute best ice cream in the area. In Vebbestrup there is also a nice shelter place: 'The Nature Sanctuary'. Here there are facilities for about 50 people, covered barbecue area, amphitheater, playground, shelters, water and toilets.
The trip from Vebbestrup continues to Døstrup before continuing to Fyrkat at Hobro. In Døstrup there is the opportunity to spend another night at the lovely shelter. There is also a playground, toilet and bonfire hut.
From Døstrup, the route passes very close past the area's largest city, Hobro (see below), before arriving at Fyrkat. Lighthouse cat, located just outside Hobro, is probably the country's most well-preserved Viking city. The Viking castle is a ring castle from the year 980, with ramparts around the then 16 long houses, which today are marked with stone. Outside the ramparts, one of the Viking Age's long houses has been reconstructed.
Not far from here is also the Viking Center Fyrkat, which consists of the Viking yard with 9 reconstructed houses, which provides the framework for lots of Viking activities and the Vikings' pursuits and struggles throughout the season.
The cycle route takes you to Fyrkat, which is a few kilometers from Hobro's city center. Now that you are in the area, Hobro must also be visited. If you take, for example, the Fyrkatstien trail to the center, there is only 2.4 km.
Hobro is a nice commercial town, which has many well-stocked grocery stores and lots of specialty shops in the pedestrian zone. In addition to trade, Hobro is also a city that is full of art and culture - for example, the Artists, the Himmerland Theater, the GAS Museum, the pleasure craft museum and the Maritime Culture Center are all worth a visit.
In Hobro you can also get delicious food at the city's cafes and restaurants. There is also a wide selection of accommodations, for example Hotel America, Hobro Citycamping, Danhostel Hobro as well as the city's many Bed & Breakfasts or maybe a shelter - yes, even a flying shelter can be found here.
Hvornum and Klejtrup Lake
From here it goes by small roads through woodland and scrubland to Hvornum and Klejtrup Lake, where you can see the attraction 'The World Map'. Here one afternoon you can take a world tour and jump from country to country. Close to Hvornum and Klejtrup Lake you will find the Tree House Bed & Breakfast as well as Kanogården, which is ideal for both large and small groups.

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